Redistributing White Wealth Survey
Tompkins County SURJ is working on a new campaign to redistribute white wealth in the region to activists and BIPOC-led organizations. You can read more about the campaign here:

While the campaign is still taking shape, we have created this survey to gauge the community’s interest and seek feedback on the proposal. Filling out this form isn’t a firm commitment yet, but we hope to follow up when the campaign launches to get you signed up to move money.
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Do you want to be a part of this campaign by moving some money to support BIPOC-led anti-racist work? *
Why or why not? *
If yes, about how much money might you want to move per month?
See the background information for some suggestions for how to think about how much money to move:
Is there anything that would make you want to contribute more than the amount you entered above?
For example: Hearing local stories? Seeing other white people making this commitment? Knowing more data about local racism?
To move a meaningful amount of money, we will need to work with our networks to get more people involved. Are there people in your network who you could ask to move some of their wealth?
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