COVID-19 Arts Council of Northern Ireland Survey

This short survey is designed to collect information about the financial and human impacts that the spread of the coronavirus have had on artists and arts organisations in Northern Ireland.

We will work closely with colleagues in Government to share the impacts arising and make the case for additional resources to help mitigate against the short, medium and long term effects of this situation.

To help us understand, in more detail, the impact on individual artists and organisations, the Arts Council has prepared the following survey which will remain open indefinately.
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2. In what capacity are you responding to this survey? *
3. What has, or is likely to be the impact on you, as an individual artist, as a result of the Coronavirus?
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4. What has or is likely to be the impact on your organisation as a result of the Cornavirus? (e.g. loss of income through ticket sales) or unanticipated expenditure (e.g. cancellation fees)
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5. If, as an artist or organisation, you anticipate your income to fall as a result of the Coronavirus, please estimate by how much to the end of May 2020.
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6. What is or is likely to be the impact on the community / sector you support (e.g. reduction in outreach work)
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7. What steps (if any) have you been able to put in place to mitigate these impacts e.g. cancelled or postponed exhibitions / performances / workshops
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8. How severe do you expect the financial impact of the coronavirus to be on you or your organisation?
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9. What additional support would be helpful / needed at this time?
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10. Anything else you want to tell us?
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