Spring 2018-Graduating student survey (BSCS Fall 2014-2018 8th Semester)
(To be filled by the graduating students in last semester/ year before the award of degree)
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The survey seeks graduating students' input on the quality of education they received in their program and the level of preparation they had at university. The purpose of this survey is to assess the quality of academic programs. We seek your help in completing this survey.
Please give us your views so that course quality can be improved. You are encouraged to be frank and constructive in your comments.
Use the scale below to answer the following Questions and make comments (where required)
5. Very satisfied 4. Satisfied 3. Uncertain 2. Dissatisfied 1. Very Dissatisfied
1.The work in program is educative. *
2. The program is effective in enhancing team working abilities. *
3. The program administration is effective in supporting learning *
4.The program is effective in developing analytical and problem solving skills. *
5 . The program is effective in developing independent thinking. *
6. The program is effective in developing written communication skills. *
7. The program is effective in developing planning abilities. *
8. The objectives of the program have been fully achieved. *
9. Whether the contents of curriculum are advanced and meet program objectives.
10. Faculty was able to meet the program objectives. *
11. Environment was conductive for learning. *
12. Whether the infrastructure of department was good. *
13. Whether the program was comprised of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
14. Whether scholarships/grants were available to students in case of hardship. *
Answer question 15 if applicable
15. The internship experience is effective in enhancing
a. Ability to work in team *
b. Independent thinking *
c. Appreciation of ethical values *
d. Professional development *
e. Time management skills *
f. Judgment *
g. Discipline *
h. The link between theory and practice *
16. What are the best aspects of your program. *
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17. What aspects of your program could be improved. *
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You may use additional sheets for questions 16 & 17 if needed.
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