Class starts: 3rd August, 2019 Class ends: 31st August, 2019
Location: Raintree Cambodia
Address: 299 Preah Ang Duong St. (110), Phnom Penh
Tel: 010 672726
Facebook Page: Doydoy
Course Details
STEAM Play & Learn by DoyDoy is a 5-weekend course for students aged 6+ years to improve their STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) plus critical thinking, creativity and resilience through fun learning games with diverse materials and project-based curriculum. The course is designed by the founder of new modular building game - DoyDoy, having graduated with a bachelor degree in Education and winning several accolades including Outstanding Young Startup Entrepreneur Award 2017.

Children will not only learn the soft skills but also hard skills that can inspire potential future innovators, leaders and creative thinkers of the next generation.

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(DoyDoy community consists of two branches:
A. DoyDoy Kids community: the children will be chosen as DoyDoy ambassador for your month building competition, and received monthly educational toys plus special offers for the next DoyDoy classes.
B. DoyDoy Parents Community: Parents will received monthly newsletter on early childhood education for their children, access to parents workshop and shopping for daily goods with special promotions from different brands that are partnered with DoyDoy.
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