HGU Build A Better Future: Round 3 Reflection and Video
Round 3 is based on the final phase to launch to an audience for the LAUNCH framework for design thinking.

You should have completed the other phases during Rounds 1 and 2, submitting your Round 1 proposal and Round 2 artifact (approval to move forward was required after round 1). If not, access the deadlines and submission links for the first two rounds here: http://honorsgradu.com/scholarship/scholarship-faqs/

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Reflection, part 1 of 3
Descriptions of what you would improve with more time, new skills or concepts you’ve acquired, and what you’ve learned about yourself based on the experience.
Describe what you improve about your project if you had more time? (300 words or less) *
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Describe any new skills or concepts have you acquired during this project. (300 words or less) *
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Describe what you have learned about yourself because of this experience. (300 words or less) *
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Reflection, part 2 of 3
How your project is achieving one of the following three focus areas (see pages 2-3 of the Ford Institute for Community Building handout for details: http://honorsgradu.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/CBAResourcesJuly2017-Ford-Institute.pdf) :

*Increasing connections: “Communities foster more supportive, caring, inclusive and lasting relationships among people and across groups.”

*Building capacity: “Move community work forward efficiently and effectively. Acquire a new skill set, use data for decision making, have enough and the right people power, or expand the ability to access and develop funding and other resources.”

*Taking community-led action: “Can create powerful results when done inclusively and in alignment with community values and vision. Sometimes Action is tried and true. Other times there are risks, experimentation and innovation.”

Which of the 3 Focus Areas is your project achieving? *
How or why is it addressing the above Focus Area? (300 words or less) *
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Reflection, part 3 of 3
Whether or not your project is selected as the top recipient to receive $5,000 project funding, we want to know your plan for moving forward financially to help your project make the largest possible impact; and even if selected, your project may necessitate obtaining additional funding anyway, depending on its scope
How you would obtain funding to take your project to the next level? (300 words or less) *
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Upload a video of yourself working on your project to a platform such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc., and share the link here. Be sure to double-check the share settings! *
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Collaboration with Existing Organizations
Applicants are to be the primary planners and executors of their projects. If you have collaborated with an existing community organization during this round, please list below: 1) the NAME of the organization(s). 2) the NAME and EMAIL of the supervisor at the organization(s).
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