Quiz 1
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Out of three internal energy components which one is the largest? *
Choose the right statement. *
Choose the right statement. *
In the model of vibrating rotator. *
In the model of vibrating rotator *
If in an atom s=1 and n=3, which orbital momentum number l and total angular momentum j are possible? *
If in a molecule Σ =1/2 and Λ =2, which Ω and J are possible? *
If both electronic states are Σ-states (Λ=0) *
Choose the wrong statement: *
Magnetic moment of an atom has two largest components: *
Magnetic momentum of a molecule has contributions from: *
What is coupling of angular momenta? *
Zeeman effect in a weak magnetic field implies that *
Paschen-Back effect implies that *
Choose the correct statement: *
Choose the wrong statement: *
FeH transitions are very sensitive to magnetic fields because *
Paschen-Back effect leads to *
Choose the correct statement: *
Choose the wrong statement: *
How is the scattering source function calculated? *
The Hanle effect is *
Measuring entangled magnetic fields using molecular Hanle effect is advantageous because *
In longitudinal magnetic field we observe onlyStokes VStokes I and VStokes V and Q *
In transversal magnetic field we can observe *
Small-scale magnetic fields on the Sun are well seen in molecular bands because *
We can detect starspots better in molecular lines because *
Molecular magnetic dichroism results in *
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