Quiz 1
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Out of three internal energy components which one is the largest?
Choose the right statement.
Choose the right statement.
In the model of vibrating rotator.
In the model of vibrating rotator
If in an atom s=1 and n=3, which orbital momentum number l and total angular momentum j are possible?
If in a molecule Σ =1/2 and Λ =2, which Ω and J are possible?
If both electronic states are Σ-states (Λ=0)
Choose the wrong statement:
Magnetic moment of an atom has two largest components:
Magnetic momentum of a molecule has contributions from:
What is coupling of angular momenta?
Zeeman effect in a weak magnetic field implies that
Paschen-Back effect implies that
Choose the correct statement:
Choose the wrong statement:
FeH transitions are very sensitive to magnetic fields because
Paschen-Back effect leads to
Choose the correct statement:
Choose the wrong statement:
How is the scattering source function calculated?
The Hanle effect is
Measuring entangled magnetic fields using molecular Hanle effect is advantageous because
In longitudinal magnetic field we observe onlyStokes VStokes I and VStokes V and Q
In transversal magnetic field we can observe
Small-scale magnetic fields on the Sun are well seen in molecular bands because
We can detect starspots better in molecular lines because
Molecular magnetic dichroism results in
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