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Anna Everywhere Reader Survey
I want to get to know you (my readers) and your interests in order to improve the website and social media channels.
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Where are you from?
What's your email (so if you win I can contact you)? This is fully confidential and I won't share your email with anyone.
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Which languages do you speak fluently?
If English isn't your first language, do you prefer to search for travel information in your language or in English?
What's your level of education?
How much on average do you spend on travel per trip incl. flights (in US dollars)?
What kind of travel style are you interested in?
How did you find out about Anna Everywhere?
Have you ever bought a product or visited a place based on recommendations on Anna Everywhere or/and its social media channels?
What would you like to see more (or less) of on Anna Everywhere?
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What do you like the most on Anna Everywhere?
Do you want to ask me a question about anything? I'll answer these in a Q&A session on Facebook Live.
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Do you like or/and share beautiful photos or useful articles by bloggers on social media? If no, why not?
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What other blogs do you read, or follow on social media, and why?
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What kind of places are you interested in traveling the most?
Would you like to add anything else?
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