25by2025 - Level 1 - Inventory Your Footprint
This questionnaire will help you explore your carbon footprint by evaluating your power, water, and food habits. Once complete, it may help you think about where you think you can make a change and by when, and also provide us with a summary of current community level effort. Our team can also assist you in formulating a customized climate dare that you can apply to your everyday life. Once you've got your inventory, you can think about your dare? What's an easy first step for a month dare? Can you up that after three months? What's possible after 6 months or a year?

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What city and zip code you live in? *
In your PG&E account home page, click on "home energy analysis". Which are the two largest pieces of the pie chart? Or what do you think are the two largest energy uses in your home? *
Do you use heating or AC? What is your thermostat typically set to in summer and winter? (heat to/cool to) *
How many of your light bulbs are energy efficient? (Other: __ of __ light bulbs) *
Do you leave appliances/electronics that aren't in use plugged in? *
Which of your appliances are Energy Star certified? (Check all that apply) *
How often do you run the dishwasher? *
How many loads of laundry do you do per week? *
Do you air dry your clothes? *
How many of your meals in the average week include animal products?
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Check all options that apply to best explain your clothing shopping habits. You shop... *
Do you use plastic produce bags or shopping bags when shopping? *
What type of landscaping do you have around your house or business? *
What kind of car do you drive? *
How often do you explore books, documentaries, or other educational material or events related to the environment or climate change? *
Now that you’ve thought about these questions, consider daring yourself to change something for the next month, or go to Level 2 for ideas on scenarios and benchmarks, or seek advice from our team on the results of your self-inventory. *
Do you have any questions or comments for the Dare team?
Want more resilience activities to do with the family during shelter in place? Stay tuned.
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