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FST Actors' Lab Students must submit this form in order to be considered for inclusion in Mixed Nuts programming.
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--You may be asked to audition your work for FST Actors' Lab instructors prior to acceptance.
--If your work is programmed into a MIXED NUTS performance, you must arrive by 6:45pm that evening for a pre-show meeting with the host, stage manager, and other performers.
--If you are doing work that includes music, sound, or mics, you must arrive by 6pm to do a tech rehearsal before the pre-show meeting.
--Lights will simply be up and down, no internal cues.
--If you want sound, you must provide a flashdrive with mp3s of any sound FX or music tracks a week in advance of your performance.
--If you are singing, you must provide tracks a week in advance, or schedule an accompanist.
--You must provide your own costumes and props.
--Chairs will be available for use in your performance.
--Lengths. Cabaret performances should be 3 songs with patter (10-15 min). Improv sets should be 20ish minutes for troupes of 4 or more performers, and 10-15 minutes for groups of 2-3 performers. Monologues should be 5-10 minutes. Original plays will be considered individually, based on actor availability and overall program space.
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