Navigating MRU Services
MRU is proud to offer a variety of services for current students. Sometimes it's hard to know which department on campus offers a specific support, so this tool is designed to help you learn "who does what."

This tool is NOT a comprehensive list of all available services, but is designed to help you find answers when you are not sure what words to use in a search or the solution requires multiple steps.

Try these links to services for current students first:

Curated to offer important information and updates for current students

Helpful FAQ link and specialized question search feature

► SEARCH tool
(top of every MRU webpage)
Enter a search term to quickly locate corresponding services
Location of SEARCH box and CURRENT STUDENT page on all pages:
Image showing location of the search tool and Current Student page at the top of pages.
Getting started:
This tool is designed to help with needs that might not be easily found with other options. The links above may also help find what you need.

1. REVIEW the "Navigating MRU" choices in the next section to begin your search
2. CHOOSE the closest option to what you are looking for in each section
3. SEARCH for as many answers as you need (use the "another question" choice at the end of the form to restart)
4. SUBMIT the form at the end of the choices to help improve this form (anonymously)
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