Five Hands Preferred Priority Pre-registration
During Pre-Registration Week, the week of April 3 - 8, you may now reserve lesson times and days for Fall 2017 from the available slots. Just fill out this form. We will take care of the rest. Then, we will go over your details at your next scheduled lesson. Just make sure you come in to the studio. If you are at the church, we will meet with you in the waiting area.

NOTE: You will not be billed, nor will your Fall 2017 lesson time be reserved,
until we contact you to confirm your reservation.
Only then will we process your payment,
reserving your Fall 2017 lesson day and time.

Please also indicate your Summer Availability by May 1 at the latest,
so we can schedule makeup time for when you are on vacation.
This is a feature we only offer during June and July, but again you
must let us know about your summer plans by May 1. Failure to give
us this information will result in us scheduling your lessons at the same
days and times that you've had during the school year. No withdrawals
for June and July will be accepted after May 1.

See below:

What is the student's name? *
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What lesson time(s) would you like for Fall 2017? *
If yes, reserve those same times now. If no, indicate the new times you desire. (ie. "would like Mon at 7:30pm, but can do between 6:00 and 8:00")
Please confirm - list your desired lesson day and time *
Use this format: I prefer Thursdays 3:15pm - 4:00pm, but we're available from 3:00 - 6:00pm
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Would you like to increase the length of your lessons? *
Choose your desired lesson length.
How would you prefer to reserve your Fall 2017 lesson time? *
Enable us to prepare your registration forms for you in advance of your personal confirmation.
Will you inform us about when you are gone during June and July? The deadline is May 1st. *
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