International Friendship Partners Program - Spring 2014

The official deadline for this program is March 7th, 2014

    Part I. Read about the program

    1. What is this program?

    The International Friendship Partners Program is designed to provide an opportunity for U.S. and international students to interact regularly on a small group basis outside of the classroom setting. We believe such interaction will enrich cross-cultural as well as cross-language experiences and overall we hope that it will contribute to real understanding about people and culture from all parts of the world.

    2. Who can participate in the program?

    Any University at Albany registered student/faculty/staff/alumni interested in getting to know people from other cultures are welcome to participate. Students from all majors at all levels are welcome! If you are not a UAlbany member, please see ISSS staff first.

    3. How does this program work?

    You will receive an e-mail from our office about your partner. You will then need to contact the other student(s) to schedule an initial meeting. At this initial meeting you discuss your schedules and decide on a regular time(s) when it is convenient for you to meet. For the best benefit for both partners, we recommend that you meet for at least once per week. If you need further assistance, you can contact the office.

    4. What do Friendship Partners do together?

    They have lunch, cook an exotic meal, have afternoon tea/coffee, learn a new craft, go to a movie or sports game, play tennis, go ice-skating, rollerblade, skiing or hiking, go shopping, and numerous other activities. Or, you can just talk! You name it!

    5. What are the benefits?

    The program brings reciprocal benefits — you will learn a lot about your partner’s culture and also you will be more aware of your home culture by introducing it to your partner. You can also get the satisfaction of being able to help the other person learn and gain experience from you. Many participants improved their conversational skills (both verbal and non-verbal cues) in their second language; some became good friends. In general, this program is informal and what you want to get out of it is up to YOU.


    International Student & Scholar Services Office of International Education Science Library, G40 University at Albany (518) 442- 2721