UUFF Environmental Justice Survey
YOUR INPUT IS CRITICAL. At the June 2019 annual meeting, the Fellowship approved the Social Justice Committee’s (SJC) focus which is: “The impact of environmental injustice and climate change on marginalized communities”. This topic will be used by the SJC to guide the Fellowship with educational and social activism related to the impact of climate change and environmental injustice on marginalized communities.

We know that many of you have already taken steps in your lives to decrease your impact on the environment, to participate in organizations related to the environment, and to minimize the impact on marginalized communities. To guide the SJC and the congregation in this effort, we would like to compile a list of your related activities, tips, suggestions, and groups you are involved with.

Thank You
Social Justice Committee
1. Do you have a connection to a marginalized group that we could build on? If so, which one? (Eg. Minority, undocumented neighbors, poor community; organizations such as a church).
If you answered yes, what is the group?
Your answer
2. With that group, are you or your committee doing a relevant activity with them? (Eg. Minority groups, churches)
Please specify their issue
Your answer
3. Please check or list other groups, committees, or teams within UUFF, in which you currently participate:
Other Group - Please Specify
Your answer
4. Would your committee or you be willing to add an environmental aspect to your current activities? (Eg. Pagans add Earth Day celebration)
5. What relevant groups outside of UUFF are you a member of?
Other Groups, please specify
Your answer
6. What kind of specific pro-environmental activities are you or your committees currently doing that we could support or participate in?
Your answer
7. Would you be interested in participating or like to learn more in related projects:
8. Would you be willing to participate in a chalice or study group on the UUA common read book, “Justice on Earth : People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class, and The Environment” or some other book?
9. Would you be willing to participate in a class or workshop on racism, to better understand how to approach and partner with marginalized communities?
10. Are there any books, articles, movies, songs, websites or speakers that you have found to be particularly informative on this topic?
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11. Do you have other suggestions for the committee?
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12 . Your name and contact info (optional), if you are willing to be contacted by a member of the committee about …
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