A quick NEEDS Survey for our community
Please enter what you think the city of Albany should be doing to help take Central Avenue to the next level of investment. Do we need CDBG funds for development deals?, do we need road and pedestrian and lighting improvements?. Do we need financing for projects.

THINK about the Avenue and what are the missing pieces from your perspective, that if we had access to them or had staffing or financing to implement what would those things be?
What does the Avenue need physically
Aesthetically speaking what improvements would you make?
Your answer
What does the Avenue Need to further commercial investment?
What tools are missing?
Your answer
What funding tools do we need to encourage investment?
What tools are missing?
Your answer
What do property owners need to do to improve their properties and how can we or the City help?
What tools are they missing?
Your answer
What would your priorities be regarding infrastructure?
Pick your to three
What businesses do we need on this street
Your answer
Should residential development be a priority
Consider if the City or the CBID should make it a priority to seek developers to build market rate housing
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