Want to GM PFS at AVL Scarefest 4?
We are getting initial feedback on GMs for AVL Scarefest. We have 13+ tables of PFS/SFS and PF2 this year. Looks like we'll be running quite a bit of new stuff, and hopefully the new special (PFS Interactive #10-00: The Hao Jin Cataclysm, for tiers 1-11) on Friday night. We will also be running quite a few modules Sunday afternoon, and a table or two running modules all weekend. As Paizo hasn't yet given us titles and tiers for September and October releases, it's hard to do up a schedule, hence this form for now.

Every table you run will get you a third off your ticket as a thank you., so just like last year, if you run 3 slots, you get in for free! Running 5 tables gives you a free ticket to the convention and fancy t-shirt.

Unfortunately, we are still a small convention, and can't help you with room and board yet, though we have very cheap accommodations this year at the Winsbourgh lodge, and meal tickets for food right on the Montreat Conference Center.
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Some PFS scenarios have star requirements to run them.
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Are you interested in running a table or two of Starfinder as well as Pathfinder?
Are you interested in running some Pathfinder Playtest material? (PF2 beta)? Table space will be limited for this.
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Do you prefer running new content that just came out, or oldies but goodies?
Have you run interactive specials before? Are you interested in running the special Friday or Saturday night?
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