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Hi there! My name is Callan Faulkner and I am an automation consultant and land investor. I am launching an 8-week group training course to show you how I automated and optimized my land investing business using the REIConversion Suite of Products (Pebble CRM, LeadLead & LandList Websites).

Every day I meet land investors who are wasting thousands of dollars per year with manual processes, data entry and lack of organization. This group training course will show exactly how I use DataTree, Pebble, Zapier, OpenPhone, Slack, Google Drive, Adobe Sign/Docusign, ActiveCampaign/Mailerlite, and Follow Up Boss to scale my land business.

We will do this training TOGETHER. Meaning, I'll be with you, holding your hand (not literally, but I would if it wasn't COVID). We will set up Zaps together, forms on the website, build out Pebble, build templates, send neighbor letters, pull's going to be magical and fun and worth every second of time you spend with me.

The course starts June 16th, 2021 and will be every Wednesday 6:30-7:45pm CST. Office hours are Mondays 10:30am-11:30am and 3:30-4:30pm CST.

Is this training for you? Maybe. Here's the type of land investor I'm looking for:

*Currently using Pebble and REIConversion LandList
*Willing to add VA's to the business when automation is not possible
*Willing to hire someone to manage their zaps if they cannot do it themselves
*Willing to add a paid Zapier plan ($20-50/month), Follow Up Boss ($70/month), a phone tool like openphone ($20-40/month) and paid DataTree ($47/month - you will get 470 leads/month)
*Wants to INVEST time & money in their business now to speed up processes and get out of the weeds in order to scale (big time)
*Feels like they are over involved in the business (still spending time on manual tasks)
*Has a revenue goal of over $100,000 per year OR is looking to do more than 4 deals per month.
*Feels that their time is precious and would do just about anything to get more if it

^^Is this you?? If so, please fill out this application form below :) I'll be in touch!

The cost of this course is $4400.

Next course starts June 16th, 2021.
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When would you want the 8 week training to start?
What are your revenue goals in 2021? (or how many deals do you want to do?)
Why do you need to automate your business? (Is it time? Need to scale it? Want to quit your job?)
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Any questions for me? I'm all ears :)
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