New Parent Technology Presentation
Please watch either the English or Spanish video presentation below. Then watch the video on ChromeTools. Finally, answer the related questions and provide your name certifying that you have watched the videos and understand how students are filtered at both home and school on their school-provided device.
For future reference, the full slides, unnarrated, can be found on the Parent Technology Resources website at the following web address.
Additional information is also available on that site, such as tutorials on Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Any questions, please feel free to email
English Version
Spanish Version
Chrome Tools
The Chromebook can't be used without an internet connection. *
Students can only install apps on their chromebooks that have been approved by the district. *
The student will be charged a fee for any damage they cause to the device, such as cracking the screen, removing keys from the keyboard, or losing their charger. *
Students will always be (both at school and at home) filtered when using their school-issued chromebooks. *
Students will be filtered when accessing the internet using their personal cellphones. *
Teachers can only monitor chromebook screens of their students when the student is connected to the school network. *
Please enter your student's first and last name. More than one name can be entered if needed. *
Please enter your first and last name. Typing your name confirms you have watched the video and understand how the district filters and monitors student accounts and chromebooks. *
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