Christmas Craft Fair 2017 Vendor Application Form
On November 4th, 2017, McKenzie Towne Council will host our tenth annual Christmas Craft Fair at McKenzie Towne Hall. Communities including McKenzie Lake, New Brighton, Copperfield, Cranston, Auburn Bay and Okotoks are a stones-throw away. On average, we receive 800 visitors to our Craft Fair.

We look for vendors that make, bake or grow their own products in Alberta. We will not be accepting applications for distributors of Avon, Norwex, Scentsy, Arbonne or any similar companies. All products sold must be handmade. We also strive to provide our customers with a wide range of vendors selling unique products. This application will allow McKenzie Towne Council to evaluate vendors, and to ensure a healthy market mix.

Please ensure that your application is completed in full, and that any certifications needed are attached. You can either attach photos or have them available online by website, Facebook pages, Flickr, etc. Applications must include link OR product photos. Applications without at least 5 photos available online or attached to application will not be considered. Please email with your pictures or link. In the subject line write CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR PHOTOS.

Applications are due by September 30th, 2017. Applications will not be accepted after this date. Vendor selection will take place between October 2nd and 6th, 2017, once all applications have been submitted. Accepted vendors will be contacted shortly after to remit booth payment.

Below is the online application. If you would like a hard copy, there are some available at the McKenzie Towne Hall or online on our website.

Hard copy applications can be returned to the McKenzie Towne Council:

Mail or Personal Delivery to:
Jessica Jaithoo
c/o McKenzie Towne Council
40 McKenzie Towne Blvd. SE
Calgary, AB
T2Z 4X5

Or by Email:

Applications are due by:
September 30th, 2017

Towne Hall Hours;
Monday to Saturday: 9am—9pm
Sunday and Holidays: 10:30 am- 6:00 pm

We hope that you will join us for our annual Christmas Craft Fair.
If there are any questions about the information in this package, please direct them to:

Jessica Jaithoo
Communications, Marketing and Events Coordinator
Phone: (403) 781-6612 Ext. 2

McKenzie Towne Council Christmas Craft Fair Information
The Craft Fair will take place in the gymnasium at McKenzie Towne Hall, located at 40 McKenzie Towne Blvd. SE.

Day: Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Time: Event runs from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Set-up time will start at 8:00 am.
All vendors MUST be set up and ready to sell by 9:45 am.

There is no selling before the market opens at 10:00 am.

Your stand must remain open until 5:00 pm, no exceptions.

McKenzie Towne Hall
40 McKenzie Towne Blvd. SE
Calgary, AB
T2Z 4X5

Fees: Inside Stalls with no power - $40.00
Outside Stalls with power and wall space - $55.00

All vendors will be provided with one 8’ table and two chairs. Vendors will supply anything else they need for the market and are asked to set up their own stalls in a professional looking manner.

Vendor Information
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Product Information
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Please select a stall option:
Please note: the craft fair is indoors. Inside/Outside refers to placement in the gym.
Please attach any other product information you have, in product information, and/or certifications (if required). Please include a minimum of 5 product photos. This information will allow us to have a better understanding of your product so we can pass information on to our customers. Please attach as much information as you deem necessary.
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2017 McKenzie Towne Council Christmas Craft Fair Regulations
McKenzie Towne Council does not guarantee approval of vendors (this is an application only). Please DO NOT include payment with your application. Payment arrangements will be made with you upon notification of acceptance to the market. Decision will be made after the September 30th deadline.

Vendors will be chosen on product offerings, market mix, quality and uniqueness of product.

Preference of market space will be given to those who make, bake, or grow their products within Alberta.

All products to be sold at the market must be listed on the vendor application. This is in place to ensure a
market mix that will appeal to our customers. Vendors will be asked to remove any and all products not listed on their application from their display.

All products sold at the Christmas Craft Fair must comply with the standards set out by Alberta Health Services. Information on the Health Rules and Regulations are available through Alberta Health Services at 403-943-1111 or online at


All food products must be labelled with ingredients. Previously frozen products must be labelled with the date of freezing. All products must have a price listing.

Any and all permits must be displayed at booth. These permits include, but are not limited to Health Region
permits, etc.

Products sold by weight must be weighed on a scale that has been inspected and approved by federal authorities and must be labelled ‘legal for trade’.

Resale of products is not allowed. It is unacceptable to purchase products from sources and sell them unaltered in the market place.

Price fixing in the market is against the law. Sharp pricing and product dumping are not allowed. Changing prices during the market is discouraged.

Please note, we may use your name, company, and/or product information on our website for advertising

2017 McKenzie Towne Council Christmas Craft Fair Rules
The Craft Fair will be open between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Set-up is to begin no earlier than 8:00 am, and all vendors must be set up and ready to sell by 9:45 am.

Outside stall vendors must arrive by 9:00am for a booth check.

Under no circumstances shall vendors sell their product before the craft fair opens at 10:00 am.

No vendors shall pack up their display before the end of the market at 5:00 pm. Vendors who pack up early will be suspended from future Craft Fairs.

Once you have been accepted as a vendor and you have remitted payment, there will be no refund issued if you choose to cancel your booking. Vendors must notify the Craft Fair Manager if they will be absent from the upcoming market at least 5 days before the start of the craft fair.

Vendors are asked to create a unique and appealing display for their booth. However, any and all display material must fit within allotted space, and must be approved by the Craft Fair Manager.

All Vendors must come prepared with their own float and be ready to make change as required for their sales. McKenzie Towne Hall will not be providing change or cash back for Vendors of the Fair.

All vendors are encouraged to carry individual liability insurance on their products and displays.

Disputes among vendors at the fair will not be tolerated. The Craft Fair Manager has the final authority in all disputes. Vendors taking issue with other vendors or the Manager are asked to fill out an incident report form and return it to the Craft Fair Manager.

The facility is under the control of the Craft Fair Manager. The facility is to be left in “as found condition
or better” at the end of the fair. Vendors are responsible for picking up all trash in front, under and around their table space. All display materials, boxes, personal garbage, etc. must be taken home with the vendor.
Failure to leave the facility clean may result in the vendor being suspended from future fair.

No smoking is allowed on the Christmas Craft Fair site. Both vendors and customers may smoke only in
designated areas outside and must be at least 15 meters off-site.

The Craft Fair Manager is the vendor’s advocate in the marketplace. Vendors are encouraged to bring
concerns and problems directly to the Manager. The Manager has full control of operations and conduct in the marketplace and has the right to expel any person for just cause. If an individual is requested to leave the
marketplace but refuses, the local police authority will be contacted to remove the said individual(s).
Significant incidents will be recorded in writing and all parties involved are required to sign the statement.
These statements will be made available to management for review.

The McKenzie Towne Christmas Craft Fair Manager has the right to review and change any rules and
regulations as it sees fit. All changes in rules or regulations will be brought to market vendors to sign,
signifying their acknowledgement.

Any infraction of Craft Fair rules and regulations by vendors shall result in a written warning to the vendor. If this behaviour continues, the vendor will be asked to leave the fair, and will not be eligible to return.

All vendors and applicants must abide by these rules and regulations. The McKenzie Towne Christmas
Craft Fair Manager reserves the right to deny any vendor space and may require vendors to leave the market area in the event the said vendor fails or refuses to abide by the rules and regulations listed above.

If we receive enough applications, another room will be opened and vendor placement is at the discretion of the event organizers.

Do you declare all information on this application to be complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to the rules and regulations listed above, and realize that any rules or regulations broken on my part may result in my expulsion from the McKenzie Towne Christmas Craft Fair.
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