Teaching Challenges survey - Part 2
In Part 1 of our informal survey, educators considered 10 complaints commonly made about students' school behaviors and attitudes, and rated how true the complaints were for them during their typical instruction. (see a summary chart here http://k12maker.mit.edu/teaching-challenges-survey.html)

Now we ask:
Do the challenges from students' behaviors and attitudes change during hands-on learning activities?

If you have not taken the first survey - please take it focusing on your typical instruction https://forms.gle/9HXLYvDSvw5nw9NL6, then follow up with this survey for your hands-on instruction.

This form is collecting email addresses so I can send you the followup to this survey.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Diane Brancazio dianeb@mit.edu.

--- Background ---

I’m leading an effort at MIT to engage and empower K-12 students using the technologies of their futures - we support teachers in bringing Making and Makerspaces into their schools. We are a small team of Educators, Makers, Artists, and Optimists at the MIT Edgerton Center, fortunate to work in an environment of joyous, hands-on learning.

We see Maker projects as hands-on PBL, with cool tools and community. The Maker learning experience is student-centered and the kids have some choice and say in what they study and/or produce. The goal of a project is to produce something tangible that expresses students’ learning, understanding, and/or thoughts about a topic. (For more about “What does making look like in the classroom” and “how can I do Maker projects in my classroom, with my resources” see our website k12maker.mit.edu.)

We strongly believe that Making can help educators address the major challenges they face in the traditional teaching environment. I’m trying to help connect the dots between teaching challenges and the benefits of Making. Please help me get some data and a fuller understanding of the issue by sharing your thoughts on 2 surveys.
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In part 1 of this survey, we asked you about students' academic behavior and attitudes during typical instruction. For part 2, we are asking that you focus on your students while they were engaged in a hands-on learning experience.
Only consider in-school activities, not behaviors and attitudes in academics in sports, hobbies, jobs, etc.
Please focus on 1 grade range in your responses. Grade level you are referring to: *
Think of a hands-on activity that you have done with your students. It can be a Maker Project (where students produce something tangible that expresses students’ learning, understanding, and/or thoughts about a topic), an Exploratory Experience (like a STEM challenge with limited materials, i.e. a spaghetti tower challenge), or a Skill Builder (like following instructions to assemble an electronic device from a kit to learn about electricity). Please provide a brief description of the project. *
Your answer
How would you categorize the activity that you have described? *
Reflecting on your students' behaviors and attitudes ONLY while doing the hands-on activity, how true is this statement about your students? *
Not a major complaint of mine
Sometimes a problem
Often a problem
Major barrier to my teaching
they don’t want to be in School
they won’t produce the output the teacher requests (homework and classwork that we need to give them grades)
they are not Curious
they are afraid of Failure
they don’t want to Learn
they are motivated only by Grades
they don’t do Research correctly - (use Google Images to answer all questions)
they can’t work through Problems without teacher support
they aren’t good at working in Groups (splitting up work and coordinating effort)
they have lost their natural Creativity and Playfulness
Did we miss anything? What other changes in behavior and attitude did you notice in your students while they were engaged in hands-on learning?
Your answer
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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