NAMI TN 2019 Legislative Priorities Survey
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Currently, NAMI TN advocates on the local and state levels on a range of mental health issues. In choosing key legislative priorities for the upcoming session, we need your input. NAMI is a grassroots organization and we want to reflect your views.

This survey lists many advocacy issues. We hope to choose priorities among this list to focus our advocacy efforts in 2019 and beyond. These issues were chosen for several reasons:

Many are issues NAMI National has identified as essential for improving mental health care

Many are long-standing NAMI TN advocacy issues that our members continually prioritize.

The NAMI TN Policy and Legislative Committee has focused on some of these issues in their work.

We would appreciate your participation in the survey so that we can gain a general sense of your priorities and level of engagement.

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How important are the following issues to you
Achieve mental health parity for Tennesseans through strengthening the state's existing mental health parity laws, including increasing access to in-network mental health providers
Ensure consumer protections remain in place or expanded under existing state law for short-term insurance plans, including requiring insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment.
Work towards passage of Medicaid (TennCare) expansion
Prioritize treatment and support services for children with behavioral health problems (not punishment of such children) when addressing school and/or teacher safety
Ensure that individuals with mental health conditions in Tennessee have stable, affordable and where appropriate, supportive housing
Ensure supported employment programs (such as Individual Placement and Support or IPS) are available throughout the state for individuals with mental health conditions.
Divert adults with mental illness from the criminal justice system and reduce incarceration of adults with serious mental illness; support Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for first responders to help ensure proper treatment and referrals to services for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and keep them from entering the criminal justice system
Support juvenile justice reforms such as diversion/school based diversion plans for connecting youth to community-based services; ensuring adequate behavioral health services for youth diverted from system and those youth previously detained in juvenile detention centers
Support investments and healthcare initiatives for integration of behavioral health care in primary care
Invest in early identification/prevention awareness and programs across child serving systems of children's services, education, juvenile justice. To this end, increase the number of social workers and other mental health professionals in schools and require mental health curriculum in schools and training for teachers.
Increase opportunities for recovery for individuals experiencing serious mental health conditions by protecting and expanding access to peer support services
Increase opportunities to educate communities and public about mental illness and the importance of compassionate responses
Please describe additional issues you think are important not listed above:
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NAMI TN Advocacy Engagement
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I feel like I can make a meaningful impact advocating with NAMI TN
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In what ways are you civically engaged around mental health issues? (check all that apply)
Are you interested in volunteering with your local NAMI affiliate, or joining NAMI advocacy activities for the upcoming legislative session?
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As NAMI TN expands our advocacy work, how do you plan to stay involved? (select all that apply)
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