BioCORE Scholars Application
Who is this program for?

BioCORE Scholars is a leadership program for underrepresented or first-generation freshman Biology Majors. Up to ten BioCORE Scholars will be competitively selected by application and interview.

Why should I apply?

BioCORE scholars will receive the following:
• In the quarters they study BIO2101, 2102, 2103 BioCORE scholars will meet weekly in a workshop group led by a Learning Assistant. The 1h workshops will focus on topics from class. BioCORE scholars must be committed to attending and contributing to the learning community in these workshops If they attend less than 80% of workshops, they will be dropped from the program. Full attendance of lab and lecture is expected. No more than a maximum of 2 lectures a quarter can be missed.
• Each scholar will be assigned a Peer Mentor, a biology student who is already in a Biology Major. Scholars will meet with their Peer Mentor twice a quarter during winter and spring of 2018.
• Each quarter of BIO2101, 2102 and 2103 Scholars will attend one evening pizza meeting with an outside speaker from the scientific community in Seattle. Meetings will help build networks with community and scientific leaders.
• June 10th-14th 2018, scholars will participate in a week of research in the lab of one of SPU’s Biology professors.
• In fall 2019 the BioCORE scholars group will attend an overnight retreat on Blakely Island to reflect on their freshman year, have fun and plan for the year ahead.
• Scholars will receive $1000 total in compensation for time spent participating in the program. This stipend will be paid in installments as each component of the program is completed, as long as participation and attendance is maintained.

What are the goals of this program?

This program is part of the research study described in your BIO1859 course to investigate the impact of various curricular changes on the success of biology students at SPU. It aims to:
• Develop leaders who will work to reduce the academic inequities faced by underrepresented minorities and first generation college students
• Provide academic, career discernment and leadership training that will increase the success of program participants and allow them to pass these skills on to their peers.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of Learning Assistants and Peer Mentors to enhance academic success and retention of students at SPU.

Sounds great, how do I apply?

Please respond to the questions below by 3pm on Thursday November 1st. You may also download a PDF copy of this form at the following link:

Interviews for prospective candidates will be scheduled for the weeks ending November 9th and 16th.

If you have any questions about this program please contact Dr. Elena Brezynski (
We are grateful to the SPU Provost innovation fund, Institute for Academic Innovation and CSFD for supporting the development of this program and the Compass Project at UC Berkeley for allowing us to adapt some of their application questions.

Thank you for your interest in the BioCORE Scholars program!

Dr. Brezynski Dr. Wood
Program Director Chair, Department of Biology

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Describe a situation where you faced a difficulty or challenge and overcame it.
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List two things that you consider key values in your life (e.g. connected with relationships amongst family or friends, religion, culture, or a talent you have). Explain why these values are important to you
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Describe a group that you have belonged to. What positive benefits have you gained from being in that group? Give an example of the contribution you made to that group.
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Do you consider yourself part of an under-represented community at SPU? Explain your answer.
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By selecting 'I agree' below and submitting this application I am requesting to be considered for participation in the BioCORE Scholars program. If accepted, it is my intention to participate in all aspects of the program listed above and adhere to attendance requirements. If I complete the program, I understand that I may be eligible for competitive leadership positions in coming years, but that acceptance of those positions is not part of this application process and that there is no guarantee that I will be offered such a position. I understand that this program is part of an ongoing research study, that the program will be evaluated and that I will be part of that evaluation process if accepted to the program. I have previously completed an informed consent form during my Bio 1859 class that allows researchers to use my Banner student data to assess the success of this program.
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