Sierra Chinese School 2017-2018 Chinese Classes Online Registration (Online payment is NOT supported)
Please note that this online registration is for Chinese classes only. It only replaces the paper registration form. Payment is NOT supported. Ms Shirley will be collecting payment on campus as usual. Once you've registered, we will have all the data. You don't need to bring any print out.

Class location: WSCA campus, 660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin, CA 95675
Class Hours: Sunday 1:45-4:00 pm
Contact: Wendy Lin
SCS School Website:
2017-2018 SCS Calendar:

Registration Fee: There is a non-refundable registration fee $20 per student.
Early Bird Discount: $10 discount if you register AND PAY by 5/21/2017
Tuition Fee:
Tuition Option A: Prepay whole school year: $430. Payment is due by 8/20/2017
Tuition Option B: Pay by semester. See below table. Payment is due on the first day of each semester. If payment is not received by post marked on the due date, there will be additional $20 late fee.
Option B due date Fall Semester (16 wks) 8/20/2017 $250
Spring Semester (17 wks) 1/14/2018 $270

Textbook Fee: PAY BY 05/21/2017 PAY AFTER 5/21/2017
1st- 10th grades $52.00 $65.00
Conversation 1-4 $45.00 $50.00
Conversation 5-8 $55.00 $60.00

Siblings discount: The second and the third child from the same family receive a $10 discount each

If you have more than one child attending Sierra Chinese School, please submit this form one child at a time. You will be provided with link for additional children after submitting each one.

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Siblings in our school
Please provide all siblings attending at our Chinese school along with class level registered.One child per line, Example: FirstName LastName - Conversation 1.
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Tuition Payment Options *
Option A - Prepay whole school year: $430. Payment is due by first day of school year 8/21/2016. Option B - Pay by semester. Fall Semester: $240. Spring Semester $260. Payment is due on the first day of each semester.
Volunteer Duty Option *
Each family is required to deposit $20 service fee during class registration. If you miss your assigned duty, this $20 will be deducted from your account (that is to say, a missed school assigned duty will cost you $20). If you perform your assigned duty, this $20 will remain in your account and roll over to next year as service deposit. Option A: I do not have time to volunteer. I would like to pay $20 service fee to waive the volunteer Duty. Option B: I would like to volunteer.
Waiver Statement *
I, the undersigned, hereby understand and agree that I will not hold Sierra Chinese School, its officials, teachers and volunteers for any bodily injury and property damage I and my children may sustain by associating with and/or taking part in any of the activities sponsored by Sierra Chinese School. Sierra Chinese School does not discriminate based on race, gender and religious belief.
Sign the waiver by entering your legal name below: *
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Note: You will not be allowed to make any changes after you submit. Please review all your data entry before you submit. If you need to modify anything after you submit, please email with detailed information such as who you need to change, what fields need to be changed etc. Thank you!
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