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Filling out this section allows us to get in touch with you for more information about the program and to open up lines of communication. We don’t sell your information to anybody. We wouldn’t even know how.  
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No need to worry, this isn’t a test! We just want to get a feel for what you’re all about! We want to learn your motivations, hear out your concerns, and generally let you tell us who you really are.
Why are you applying for this particular program? What do you expect to get out of this experience?   *
Show and tell us a little about yourself in words or links to websites. Feel free to jot down a list if that's easier! You can tell us stuff like... What are your hobbies? What foods do you like to eat? What's your favourite song, book, movie or TV series? Who inspires you? What animal are you most like? *
Our programs are intentionally designed to put you in unfamiliar and challenging environments. Which part of this program do you think will be the most challenging? *
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No need to fib – information you disclose here will not be held against you in our selection process. It is, however, important for us to have this information so as to properly advise you on risks and/or precautions pertaining to our programs.  
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