Aerial Classes by Aerial Arts Association
Normal Classes:
空中藝術課程價目表( AAA會員適用 ):
普通堂優惠套餐(80分鐘): MOP1500/10堂
普通堂非優惠套餐(80分鐘): MOP180/堂
*優惠套餐可於澳門設計中心地下櫃檯處購買( 黑沙環製造廠巷5號 )
1. 優惠套餐有效期為3個月,可2位AAA會員共用。
2. 需提前至少一日預約課程,如未預約而參加課程,需繳交澳門幣30元行政費。
3. 如取消課程需提前至少一日告知,未能提前告知者需繳交該堂費用。

空中藝術課程價目表( 非AAA會員適用 ):
普通堂(80分鐘): MOP200/堂

普通私人堂: MOP 500/70分鐘 (可1-2人分享)
Valeria私人堂: MOP600 (MOP800 2人)

衣著要求 : 運動型、富彈性、方便活動及舒適的運動裝,布料以可包裹腿部及腋下位置為佳。

Price List For AAA Members:
Normal Class Package(80mins): MOP1500/10 Classes
Normal Class Non-Package(80mins): MOP180/Each Class
*Package is available at the ground floor counter of Macau Design Centre( Travessa da Fabrica No. 5, Macau).
1. Package is valid for 3 months, can be shared by 2 AAA members.
2. Please register for classes in advance. For someone who join the class without register should pay for MOP 30 administration fee extra.
3. Cancellation of register should be made at least one day before if you cannot come, otherwise you have to pay for the class.

Price List For Non-AAA members:
Normal class(80mins): MOP200/Each Class

Price List Of Private Class:
Normal Private Class: MOP 500/70mins (Can share between 1-2 people)
Valeria classes: MOP600 (MOP800 for 2ppl)

Dress code : sporty, stretchy, comfortable to move outfit. Cover full leg and armpits.

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