True Gameroom Birthday Bash!
CR Gameroom and The Ministry of Dice are proud to bring you the biggest celebration of the year! Chris 'True Mister Six' is turning....nevermind that...we are having a weekend tournament in honor of his birthday.

This event will be a Golden Age Single Affiliation themed event: each card in your core team must share the same affiliation symbol.

1. Any Action cards you use Must be thematically linked to the affiliation you use. The MoD's decision will be final so check first if in doubt.

2. The Villain Affiliation is to be split by Intellectual Property. This means if you are playing Villains they must all be DC, Marvel, or TMNT.

3. Your Basic Action Cards must be from the same IP as your team.

4. True Mister Six bans in effect. SR Yuan-Ti, Half-Elf Bard Master lords Alliance, R Cosmic Cube, Imprisoned, Sword of Revealing Light, and Relentless BACs are not permitted. Shriek- Sonic Beam is banned because we are all civilized folk here.

Wheaton's Law will also be in effect so while we want it to be a competitive event, we also want it to be fun. Additionally we want to encourage new and inexperienced players to be apart of this celebration so we would discourage teams that may prove to be too negative a play experience.

Top prize will win the elusive MoD wooden spoon! This will be awarded to what True Mister Six deems to be the most creative, least 'spammy' team of the event, win or lose. Wombo combos, lesser used affiliations, interesting win cons, and non-meta builds are the sort of thing to get you considered for the coveted Wooden Spoon.

Tournament begins at noon CST August 17th and will run 5 rounds of Swiss with a cut to top 4.
Please submit your teams by noon CST August 16th.

Be advised, all correspondence for match up and wins/losses on tournament day will be primarily through discord.

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