Tech Talk ~ Summer 2020
Tech Talk: An online, discussion-based current events class for ages 13+

Who: Reasonably mature teens 13-18 (enrollment capped at 5-11 students)

When: 1-2pm Mondays and Thursdays (8 weeks: June 15 to August 6th)

Where: Zoom (private meeting room; camera and microphone required)

Cost: $85 / $55

Join us as we actively discuss current issues in science and technology, including stem cell research, artificial intelligence, vaccines & herd immunity, cyber security, global warming, and more! Students will be given a short article to read each week and will come to class prepared... to question, to learn, and to challenge others. Twice-weekly discussion "seminars" will be led by students using the Paideia style of active learning and discussion.
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