But I'm Not Depressed
This is the place to register your interest in a signed paperback! If you're looking for Kindle books instead, try this link:

The form can't handle payment, so I'll be in touch with a PayPal link. If you want to pay another way, please check with me first.

Note for International Non-US Buyers
My standard prices are in British pounds and US dollars, but I can convert to other currencies. Get in touch and we'll talk. :)

Google Forms isn't sophisticated enough to handle all the options, so please pretend you're a US buyer when answering these questions! I'll know from your address where you actually are, and I'll contact you to confirm anyway. Postage will be a little more if you're in what our Royal Mail calls "World Zone 2". (This means Australia, Singapore, Laos, and some hard-to-reach islands)

Signed Paperback (UK buyers, prices in £)
Signed Paperback (US buyers, prices in $)
US Signed Paperback and a Mystery Book
Not a *mystery* book, but a mystery *book*. The cost of international postage is ridiculous, so as a sweetener I will slip into the package a surprise book from my shelves. These books will be on the small side, to keep the parcel in the same postage category. Most will be YA or older children's, and the condition won't be pristine but will be readable. I am trying to stick to British authors so international readers are less likely to have read them - but no guarantees. :)
International buyers: What genres do you like?
Everyone: Who should I sign the book to? *
If you're local to me (Forest Gate, London)...
we may be able to meet up. Get in touch on Facebook or email lia@freeyourwords.com to arrange it. For everyone else:
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