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Welcome to the Midcounty Performing Arts Company! Each company member has a biography which is printed in the program each year along with their picture. This online form is for new members; or, returning members who have skipped a year or more. All of our members are very involved in school, dance and lots of extra curricular activities so please try to keep your answers short and simple but definitely make sure to include all activities and awards. Please contact Sarah Stratton at or 409-626-1985 with any questions. Thank you!
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Past MPAC Whimisical Christmas Experience
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If you are a past member of MPAC, how many years total were you a member?
If you are a past member of MPAC, please list any Character Roles you have played. Please do not include dances or being an angel.
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Dance Experience
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Are you a current or past member of a Studio Dance Competition Team? If so, what is the name and how many years?
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If you were a member of a Studio Dance Competition Team last year, are there any individual awards or invitations that you received at a competition? Please limit the awards to last year only and, due to space limitations, do not include team awards.
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