Bis-Man UU Council Sign-Up
We are getting ready to launch our new congregant-approved governance structure composed of five councils. Reverend Sollie and the Board of Trustees will offer a meeting for each council to give congregants and friends an opportunity to learn about the councils and to assist in deciding which one you'd like to sign up for. Note - When we sign up for a council we do not have to stay on that council permanently. We will have the option to join other councils in the future. Just because we each join a particular council doesn't mean we can't participate in another council's activities. The councils are not silos but rather porous structures that work together, a “community of communities,” that focus on the congregation's mission and vision.

Governance Structure

Community Council: belonging, potlucks, radical hospitality, welcoming, families, diversity, outreach, coalition building, music, inclusion, pastoral/community care, children

Infrastructure Council: finance/stewardship, building, administrative, grounds, leadership development, continuity plans, communication, cleaning, nominating committee, personnel

Justice Council: internal, external, local, national, global, partnerships, service, education, advocacy, organizing, witness, direct action

Growing and Deepening Council: ministerial presence, shared rituals, lifespan religious exploration, intellectual stimulation, spirituality, authenticity, multiple paths to the profound, Sunday programming, conflict, planning for joy

Coordinating Council: A member from each council above will meet on a regular basis to ensure open communication amongst the councils and to be sure the group as whole is focusing on the mission and vision.

Please sign up to participate in one council by filling out this form by Monday, March 8, 2021.
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