Art Car Application 2017
Just HOW mutant is your vehicle?
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Will anyone else have driving permissions? *
Please give their legal AND burner names.
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What do you call your mutant vehicle? *
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Which theme camp does the vehicle live at? *
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When is your expected arrival to Spirithaven? *
General description of vehicle. *
Short basic description. Height clearance? LED lights all over? Shaped like a banana?
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What is your seating capacity? *
Does your vehicle produce flame of any sort? *
If there is firey goodness, please describe.
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Is your vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher? *
This is only REQUIRED if you have flame effects. Otherwise, it's recommended but not required.
Does your vehicle produce loud noises? *
You will be required to bring your own gels for nighttime driving. *
Do you have a way to tow your vehicle if it gets stuck? *
We will not be responsible getting your vehicle un-stuck. If you do not have a proper way to tow, then you will be responsible for any towing costs.
Anything else you'd like to add?
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