Action Alert Proposal Form

❒ Must be one single action. E.g., an Action Alert on legislation should be limited to one bill or pair of companion bills being heard in one legislative chamber.

❒ Must be an urgent action, i.e., a deadline is within the next few days. E.g., a committee or floor hearing or vote. Must submit the Action Alert at least two days ahead to ensure time to review and approve.

❒ Must send Action Alert subscribers to the decision-maker, not a third party organization. (E.g., may not send subscribers to sign another organization’s petition that would be sent to the governor; members should be directed to share their comments directly with the governor.)

❒ Must cite the LWV Program for Action (either LWV US or LWV Minnesota). These can be found here:

❒ Must include fact-based bullet points for talking points or background information. Should include try to include a link to credit the source. Must use quotation marks for direct quotes. Charitable organizations, nonpartisan research organizations, and academic/educational institutions are the best sources. Must not cite partisan materials.

❒ Should thank a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization if they brought attention to the issue first. However, Action Alerts should not be a total copy-and-paste of another organization’s emails.

❒ Should be 300 words or less. Test the number of words at

Not all proposed Action Alerts will necessarily be approved. Action Alerts focusing on the legislative agenda approved by LWV Minnesota Board of Directors will receive priority treatment. Action Alerts will usually be limited to a maximum of two or three per week to prevent activist burnout.

Capitol Letter, All Member News, and social media can be used to share alerts that do not meet the urgency criteria or events like rallies or speakers.

The form below is intended for Action Alerts about state legislation. If you have questions or want to request an Action Alert unrelated to a state legislative bill, please contact Nick Harper, Civic Engagement Director, at or 651-424-4603.
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What is the bill number? (Use digits only.) *
Enter the primary bill number below. LWV Minnesota staff will look up a companion bill, if any.
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What committee will hear this bill? *
If the bill is going to a floor session rather than a particular committee, simply write "Floor."
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What Program for Action position(s) support(s) this Action Alert? *
All Action Alerts must be justified by a *specific* section of our Program for Action. Please refer to the LWV of the United States Impact on the Issues publication and the LWV Minnesota Program for Action publication. You can find these publications at: Please cite to the *specific* position (e.g., not "Social Policy" or "Housing" but instead "Support programs that increase a community's capacity to provide a full range of housing opportunities")
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Propose an Action Alert Title *
Write a proposed Action Alert title that would entice members to take action such as “Speak NOW to Protect the Boundary Waters!” (Proposed text may be changed in the final Action Alert.)
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Draft talking points for members to use when contacting their legislators or the Governor. *
Draft a list of talking points (please number them) on the exact issues you’d like members to speak about. Be specific about which provisions of the bill are favored or opposed and why. (Proposed text may be changed in the final Action Alert.)
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