APES Friedland Book MC Ch1
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Which of the following events has increased the impact of humans on the environment?
I) Advances in technology; II) Reduced human population growth; III) Use of tools for hunting
As described in chapter 1, environmental indicators
Which statement regarding a global environmental indicator is NOT correct?
Figure 1.8 (pg 10) shows atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations over time. The measured concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is an example of
In science, which of the following is the most certain?
All of the following would be exclusively caused by anthropogenic activities EXCEPT
Use Figure 1.6 (pg 9) to calculate the approximate percentage change in world grain production per person between 1950 and 2000.
The populations of some endangered animal species have stabilized or increased in numbers after human intervention. An example of a species that is still endangered and needs further assistance to recover is the
Fig 1: Use the following experimental scenario for the next 2 questions.
Before the researchers began the experiment, they formulated a null hypothesis. The best null hypothesis for the experiment would be that caffeine
After analyzing the results of the experiment, the most appropriate conclusion would be that caffeine
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