Litsy's #Booked2020 Seasonal Reading Challenge!
We are so excited to announce our 3rd Booked Seasonal Reading Challenge! The Booked Seasonal Challenge was started in 2018 to bring you a year-long reading challenge based on holidays and seasons around the year. To make it slightly less overwhelming, we broke it into four seasons. #Booked2020 will follow the same format!

There will be six prompts for each season for a total of 24 prompts spread across the year. Since we all live in different locales, you choose the season! If January means summer to you, hooray! If you're freezing your toes off in February, keep it cozy and warm in the first quarter!

Most of all, have fun with it! We tried to find a diverse variety of prompts to use for the challenge.

One thing we are doing differently this year is the format for giveaway entries. Tracking entries daily for a whole year has become a bit too overwhelming for the three of us, so we are shortening that time frame. During the end of each quarter, you will receive one entry per giveaway when you post a quarterly wrap-up post, and tag #Booked2020, along with the three hosts, @cinfhen, @4thhouseontheleft, and @barbarathebibliophage. You MUST use the hashtag #Booked2020 and tag each of us so that your wrap-up entry is counted!

The dates the quarterly giveaway will be open are as follows:

January - March: March 20 - April 2
April - June: June 20 - July 2
July - September: Sept 20 - Oct 2
October - December: Dec 20, 2020 - Jan 2, 2021

Please post your quarterly wrap-ups during those dates. We will also email you with a reminder each quarter.

Individual book reviews will NOT count for a giveaway entry this year. We still want to be tagged though, so we can see and comment on what you are reading! So don't forget to use the #Booked2020 hashtag for those, too.

Below are the 24 prompts we've chosen for 2020. Start scouring your shelves!

1. MILLENIAL AUTHOR (Happy New Year! Start of a new decade)
2. BOOK SHOWING A HAT OR HEAD COVERING (National Hat Day - Jan 15)
3. #LIVEANDLEARN : Read a book on a subject you know little about (International Day of Education - Jan 24)
4. SET IN HOLLYWOOD (Academy Awards - Feb 9)
5. #COVERCRUSH (Valentine's Day)
6. FINISH IN A DAY (Spring Equinox, Northern Hemisphere - Mar 20)

7. MAKES YOU LOL (April Fools Day - Apr 1)
8. MEMOIR ABOUT A PARENT and CHILD (Family Day - Apr 10)
9. TARTAN NOIR (Battle of Culloden - Apr 16, 1746)
10. BOOK ABOUT GENOCIDE (Holocaust Remembrance Day - Apr 21)
11. PAN ASIAN AUTHOR or SILKPUNK (Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month - May)
12. ANIMAL ON COVER (International Pet Day - April 11)

15. YA NOVEL BY A POC (International Youth Day - Aug 27)
16. #WINEORWHINE : Set in wine country, about wine, or has an MC that whines a lot (UNESCO Wine Festival - July/August)
17. BANNED BOOK (Banned Book Week - September)
18. ARMCHAIR TRAVEL (World Tourism Day - Sept 27)

19. #THINKPINK (Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October)
20. GOTHIC HORROR (Halloween)
22. #BOOKCLUBWORTHY (National Reading Group Month - Oct)
23. NEW IN 2020
24. BOTTOM OF YOUR TBR (aka making room on your shelves for new books received during the holidays!)

We look forward to you joining us for #Booked2020! We plan to open a Goodreads Group for #Booked2020, which will be announced on Litsy and added here in the coming weeks.

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