Winter Games READER Sign-Up Form
This sign-up sheet is for Readers wishing to participate in Winter Games!
Beginning Saturday, February 1, 2020 Through Friday, February 28, 2020!
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This is the official reader sign-up form for the 2020

Winter Games Reader Challenge

2/1/2020 –– 2/28/2020

To participate in the 2020 Winter Games Readers are required to have an Amazon Reviewer page.
You are signing up to receive FREE books from various authors and will post honest reviews. The event hosts will enter you in random drawings for a chance at a $200 or a $100 gift card, AND a chance at receiving various giveaways during the promotion. You will accept the challenge to read and review as many of the 60 author's books as you can within the specified 4-week time limit...and agree to leave on Amazon fair and honest reviews for each book you read. Fill out this entire form.
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I understand I must join the Facebook RAVE CAVE group and I will enter my book review's Amazon link under the Authors name thread.
I understand I must join the WINTER GAMES READER CHALLENGE Facebook group to receive important updates.
I understand my participation in Winter Games RAVE parties will allow me to meet the authors and help me choose which books I'd like to review. I will mark my calendar so I can attend and participate during these important events.
Providing verified sales shows Amazon the posted reviews are valid. For this reason, all readers must agree to receive the books they want to read through the WINTER GAMES hosts, Gift cards or FREE on Amazon . *
I agree to post an honest review on Amazon for each book you read through this event? *
For a chance of additional swag and prizes, I agree to post an honest review on BookBub for each book you read through this event? *
For a chance of additional swag and prizes, I agree to post an honest review on Goodreads for each book you read through this event? *
If I receive a gift card to download a specific author's book during this event, I agree to purchase on Amazon that specific book? *
I understand the authors participating in this event are doing so to receive honest reviews on their books. I may not love every story, but I will refrain from writing nasty reviews to deter readers from purchasing these books. *
I understand and will use this Amazon Review Guide when I post reviews during WINTER GAMES! 5 Stars means: “I love the book" ••••• 4 Stars means: “I liked the book but I didn't love it” •••••  3 Stars means: “The book was so/so or okay” •••••••• ***I Will NOT post anything below 3 STARS during WINTER GAMES. Instead, I will write a brief feedback comment and give it to the host so she can post it anonymously on the author's thread in the RAVE CAVE. *
I understand this event is hosted by Kathi Goldwyn and I will communicate with her any questions I might have. *
I understand WINTER GAMES newsletter will communicate with authors during the event and will provide upcoming events and promotion information. Therefore, I agree to receiving Winter Games newsletters in the email address I provided on this form.
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