Smart Controller Workshop Video & Quiz
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Inland Empire Utilities Agency's Small Controller Program. Please watch the instructional video to learn about the benefits of upgrading to a weather-based irrigation controller. Afterwards, please complete the short quiz below. As a reminder, you must have a working irrigation system and your home's lot size must be less than a quarter of an acre to participate in the program.

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Once completed, IEUA's contractor, Conserv. Inc., will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Video Timestamps:

1. Intro (0:00)
2. Wi-fi timers & Non Wi-fi timers (1:25)
3. Sprinkler Valves (5:00)
4. Evapo-transpiration and Timers (7:00)
5. Cycle Soak (11:05)
6. Questions and Answers (12:00)
7. Workshop Conclusion (15:20)
Small Controller Workshop Video
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1. True or False: Controllers are NOT the same as sprinkler timers. *
1 point
2. True or False: A Wi-fi enabled controller can be controlled by an app on your phone. *
1 point
3. True or False: Smart controllers can sense temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, and humidity. *
1 point
4. True or False: Smart controllers will water less on hot days and more on cool days. *
1 point
5. True or False: “Cycle Soak” is when a watering cycle is cut in half, to allow time for water to soak into the soil. *
1 point
6. True or False: Conserv only upgrades existing controllers that are inefficient. *
1 point
7. True or False: The controller will work without power. *
1 point
8. True or False: Without the internet, your smart controller will not work. *
1 point
9. True or False: The morning is the best time to water your yard. *
1 point
10. True of False: Smart controllers do not shut off in the rain. *
1 point
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