Your Personal Brand uncovered
Personal Branding is a way for your to have real impact on your business and your career. A powerful, memorable and captivating online presence, through images, that truly reflects who you are and tell the story of WHY you do what you do, will help you attract the right attention.

Some of the benefits of having a compelling Personal Brand include;
* helps build trust with your ideal client
* you will have a higher perceived value
* you are differentiated from the competition

In order for us to understand your Personal Brand (and in some cases, for you to get clarity on the same) please complete all the questions as candidly as possible. The more we get to understand who you are and what drives you the more we can be clear about your Personal Brand. We will use the information you supply to inform our discussions and our work and in all cases, we will work with you at all stages.

Please note; this is a confidential document and will not be shared with anyone else.

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Milli, owner, Tribal Yarns, Richmond Upon Thames
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What is the nature of your business? *
Your business USP *
What's your 'why'? Why are you doing all this? What is your ultimate goal? *
What do you bring to your business table? This could be skills and/or personality traits etc. *
What topics can you talk about endlessly? *
Do you have any hobbies/interests? If so please list.
In your opinion how important is Personal Branding/reputation to your business success.
How happy are you with your own Personal Brand right now? *
What are your top three reasons for investing in your personal brand? (minimum 3 choices) *
On what platform(s) do you have an online presence *
What top 3 core values do you live by? *
Who is your ideal client? *
Think about a successful business relationship you have; what what made it successful? *
If you were to receive an award, what would it be for? (bear with us on this!) *
If you won the lottery and you didn’t need to work what would you spend your time doing? *
What do you 'feel' sets you apart from everyone else? Understand your differentiation so that you can attract the attention of those who are making a decision about you. You need to be clear on what makes you different. *
Do you have brand colours? If so, what are they?
If your personality had a colour, what would the colour be? *
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