San Diego Artist Survey
As part of KINDLE 2021, we are collecting data regarding the lived experiences, economic conditions, access to resources, and needs/concerns of local artists. Your participation in this anonymous survey will help us compile important information with which to advocate for our arts community! Thank you for taking the time to respond.
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Art Practice/Discipline *
How many years have you been a practicing artist in San Diego? *
What percentage of your earned income is made from your art practice? *
How many other jobs do you work to supplement your income as an artist? *
Rate the accessibility of public funding to support your art practice in San Diego *
How frequently to do you find viable opportunities to apply for resources for your art practice in San Diego? *
Rate your access to resources for your art practice in San Diego (monetary and otherwise) *
Have you ever applied for funding from the City of San Diego? *
If not, why not? *
Have you ever RECEIVED funding from the City of San Diego? *
Experience of local landscape *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
San Diego has effective systems for supporting local artists
Grant and funding applications are clear and organized
Local government is invested in supporting the arts
Local artists have direct access to effectively navigate systems for acquiring support
What do you identify as your biggest obstacles in your art practice? *
How would you improve these conditions? *
What do you feel is missing from the San Diego arts resource landscape? *
Artist age range: *
Artist gender identity (fill in the blank): *
Artist identifies as: *
Do you identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community? *
Are you a differently abled artist? *
Are you a US Veteran artist? *
Are you an undocumented artist working or living in San Diego? *
Are you experiencing housing or food insecurity? *
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