Otterville Community Teacher/Staff Scholarship Application Form
All questions that are personal response questions need to be written using complete paragraphs with correct grammar.
All Submissions are due by March 31st, 2020.
There will be 2 $500 Scholarships Awarded.
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Are you currently employed? If yes, where? Do you plan to work during college?Do you qualify for the A+ program? Does the school you plan to attend accept A+ funding? *
Name of college you plan to attend. Have you been accepted? What will be your major area of study? GPA: /4.0 *
List your involvements in extracurricular activities and volunteer services. Briefly explain any work experience you may have. *
Number of children at home/ Number of children in higher education (not counting you). Estimated yearly cost of tuition. What is your E.F.C. (estimated Family Contribution) from your FAFSA? Please include family’s adjusted gross income from last year’s tax return. Ru *
List any achievements and awards you have received. *
1.What do you feel is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness? Why? How will they help you in achieving your goals? *
Describe why you feel you deserve this scholarship. *
What are your educational plans? Include your area of interest, personal goals for the next five years, and how you plan to achieve them. *
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