Sociolinguistic Research (V2)
This is a linguistics research study exploring perceptions of the English language in American society. You will be asked to watch and listen to several different video clips. After, there is a survey asking for your opinion and for some basic information about you. Participation is anonymous.

No personally identifiable information about you will be requested or used in any aspect of the study.

The study will take approximately 12 - 30 minutes. There is no monetary compensation for participating. Participation is voluntary and you are free to stop the activity at any time. Would you like to participate?

If you have any questions or comments about this research, you are welcome to contact Akiah Watts: or Prof. Stanford at

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You will be shown 6 images with attached audio of the person speaking. After each video clip, you will be asked 22 questions regarding your reaction to the person. These questions should be answered using your gut reaction, otherwise, it will conflict with the results of the study. Please note that at any time, you can choose to leave the survey. Thank you for your participation.
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