GO Equipment Request Form & Agreement
Gymnastics Ontario strongly recommends that you use the KSIS – Competition Management System.  The benefits include: fewer volunteers, the scores and the results are automatically displayed on online in real-time so that there is no wait time.  The final results can quickly be emailed to Gymnastics Ontario and displayed on the platform’s website. Scoring System consists of the following equipment: scoring tablets, power bars, and 1 Rogers hub.

1. Scoring System, banners and other GO equipment are stored at Gymnastics Ontario, 2950 Keele Street Suite 202, Toronto, ON M3M 2H2.  Pick-up or return of the items must be done during the operating hours at Gymnastics Ontario. It can be picked up and returned Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. An alternate time may be arranged with RG Manager. Please call ahead to confirm the time to ensure that there will be staff in the office to sign the equipment in or out.  The equipment must be returned on the Monday or Tuesday (at the latest) in order to be  prepared for the next event.

2. Your club is responsible for any loss or damage to the GO equipment and will bear all cost for lost, stolen or damaged parts. Minor wear and tear should be reported immediately upon return.

3. If a representative from your club is unavailable for pick-up, and shipment of the equipment to your club is required, your club is responsible for arranging the shipping with a reputable shipping company and any associated cost. Insurance must be purchased through the shipping company when shipping the scoring system and any other GO equipment.

4. Under no circumstances is the equipment to be given to or used by any other party than the club and volunteers noted in this agreement and for the purpose for which it is intended.

5. For technical assistance and to report problems with the system, please contact Ekaterina Kharlip at rhythmic@gymnasticsontario.ca.  

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