Refund Request
Use the following form to make your Phoenix Point refund request. Please fill in all information as accurately as possible. Missing or incorrect information can cause delays with your refund.

Please give careful consideration before requesting a refund. Once submitted, this cannot be cancelled, and you will no longer be able to claim your 1 year of free DLC with a future purchase, or your Steam/GOG keys after the 1 year Epic exclusivity per

All refunds must be requested by no later than April 12th 2019. Requests made after this date may not be processed.

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What happens next?
Once your refund has been submitted it can take up to 28 business days to process. You will then receive an email from detailing the amount of the refund. You will be given a link within this email to submit the details for the account where you want the refund deposited. This is an automated process and no alternatives are available.

If you encounter any issues submitting your refund via this form, you can contact us at for assistance. This email address will not accept requests to manually process refunds.

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