Feedback: Crow at C&W 2019
Thank you for attending our workshop. We would like your honest opinion about our platform. Your feedback will greatly contribute to the improvement of Crow!

This survey will ask you to share your experiences about both the corpus and the repository.

Your responses are used for development only and will not be published or used in research.

Tell us about yourself.
Before the main feedback session, we would like to know about you so that we can understand your feedback better.
What are your current roles? *
Have you used a corpus for your research or teaching? *
If yes, please check the all corpora you have used.
Does your institution have a repository? *
Using the Corpus
Corpus search & filter
Corpus text and related information
Which corpus tools did you use during the work period?
Corpus: I like...
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Corpus: I wish...
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Corpus: What if...
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Using the Repository
Repository search & filter
Pedagogical materials and related information
Which repository tools did you use during the work period?
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Repository: I wish...
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Repository: What if...
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Final questions
What should we name our mascot?
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What other activities did you try today?
How might you use Crow in the future for your research and/or teaching?
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Any other comments? (e.g., design, additional functions, etc.)
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Can we contact you for more feedback?
If yes, please leave your name, institution, and email address.
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THANK YOU so much for your time and feedback!
If you have any questions or comments you could not ask us today, please do not hesitate to contact us via
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