Requests to make worlds public
*** We will only be accepting one world per 24 hour period per user. Every world after the first will be removed from the list.***


***** Requesting a world to be made public that is not your own will result in moderation action taken on your VRChat account and on our Discord. *****

--- Considerations ---

- Bad things happen when you put more than 2 video players in a room. It usually impacts performance negatively as well.

- Bad things also happen when you put more than 1 mirror in your room. Definitely impacts performance. If you have 1 mirror in the room, make sure to set it to toggle.

- JetDog made a great tutorial on performance improvements at

This is a form for making worlds public. We approve worlds as public everyday at 2am UTC (use to convert times). (excluding holidays)

We will not approve worlds as public via PM’s or emails. We also highly recommend putting a portal in your room and naming it “test” followed by your room name and assigning a separate world ID to it. This way users can still experience your updated content prior to our daily updates. If you have an avatar room with many avatars you can create avatar IDs as placeholders so that you do not have to keep making the room public every-time you add a new avatar.

Want to make your world private again? All you need to do is re-upload the world and it will turn to private.

We will not approve worlds that have content that violates our community guidelines, found at We may also email you from an email address to confirm your identity prior to making your world public the first time.

If your room repeatedly violates our ToS, moderation action will be taken against the account.

If you have any questions about the process please email with your question. If you run an event or have a highly trafficked world in the app and need a world made public at a different time, please reach out to us via email at least 24 hours in advance.

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This can be found by opening Unity, selecting VRChat SDK from the menu above, and clicking "manage uploaded content". You can find a copy ID button next to your world.
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