Western Primary School - Parents' Questionnaire.

Following on from such a successful year last year, we are keen to keep the momentum going and continue to provide outstanding education for our children. You will have noticed great changes in the playground, and we have introduced new sports coaches this year who will work alongside teachers to enhance provision for sporting achievements at Western.

We have therefore prepared a few questions that will help the staff and governors understand what parents think of the changes that have been made. Please would you take the time to complete this questionnaire – it will offer the staff and governors valuable feedback about how Western meets your child’s needs.

If you have more than one child at Western, we would be grateful if you would complete a questionnaire for each child so that we can get an understanding of each year group.

Please rate each of the statements. If you have any additional comments relating to any statement, please note these in the space provided at the end of the questionnaire.

Please complete the questionnaire by Friday 26TH October 2018.
We will report back on the responses within a few weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Western Staff and Governors

Select Year Group *
My child enjoys PE. Children in KS1 and KS2 now take part in several activities each session. Year 2 and KS2 have the addition of specialist sports coaches. The activities change on a half termly basis. Year 2 go swimming throughout the academic year and 3/4 also have the opportunity to swim. *
The school provides a good range of lunchtime sports activities for my child. Each day, play leaders organise different sports for the children including football, dodge ball, hand ball and tag rugby. *
My child has benefitted from the activities provided by visitors to school. last year we have had activity sessions run by Little Gym, Enjoy-a-Ball in addition to karate and dance specialists, all of which have been used to enhance curriculum topics. *
My child is aware of the after school sports activities and has had the opportunity to participate where possible. *
I would be happy to pay the cost of specialist afterschool sports coaching. *
Are there any other sports activities/opportunities your child would like to have in school?
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Outside school my child plays sports on a regular basis. Please list all activities/clubs attended.
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Has your child started or tried a new sport as a result of attending a cluster event? Last year there were many opportunities to try sports such as golf, tennis and football. *
Do you have a specialist skill that you would like to share with the children? *
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Please make any further comments below.
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