Working Mother Benefit Needs
There are some of us that work for companies without knowing the benefits offered and then there are some of us that work for companies that offer no benefits to support working mothers. To your knowledge without doing too much digging, take this quiz with the most honest answers
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True or False: I am generally satisfied with my work life balance and ability to be present as a mother. *
True or False: I feel supported by my upper management when I make familial choices.
My employer offers the following: *
Fill in the blank: If i could suggest any type of working mother support from my employer it would be... *
True or False: I have felt guilty for leaving work early to tend to a sick child. *
True or False: I've experienced biased comments in the workplace because of familial decisions over work decisions. *
I would benefit from 1-1 or group coaching focused on working mother wellness. *
I find it difficult to make time for my health and wellness goals as a working mother. *
If you could make one PSA to all companies to support working mothers, what would it be? *
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