2019 Career Expo Activity Sheet
This year's Expo will take place Sept. 24-26 at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex in Chatham, VA.

This form is designed to provide the Expo planning and logistics team the details surrounding your proposed activity for the Career ChoICE Youth Expo. The information provided herein will be used to list/describe your activity to student & community attendees AND provide you with the necessary supplies, equipment, and space to help ensure your activity is a success.

Please be as detailed in your responses as possible. (Should you have any questions please contact jessie.vernon@ialr.org.)

You cannot save your form responses to come back to at a later time; once you begin your submission you'll need to fill it out in its entirety. A preview of the form is available on the Career Expo website: http://www.sovacareerchoice.org/event-participation.

Crew Chief Name(s): *
This(these) person(s) is(are) responsible for the activity- ensuring all necessary equipment/supplies are present & that adequate staffing/scheduling is arranged to "man" the activity during Expo hours (Sept. 24: 4-7pm; Sept. 25 & 26: ~ 8:45am-2:30pm).
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Organization(s): *
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Contact Information:
Email: *
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Street Address Line 1 *
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Activity Details:
This information will be used to produce the Activity Map for the event. This map will be provided to students before their visit to help them plan their day & the activities they'd like to participate in. Community attendees at the Expo in the Evening will also receive the Activity Map to help them navigate the event.

*Your activity should take no longer than approximately 5 minutes to complete.*
Activity Title/Name (this will be listed on the Activity Map as entered here): *
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Brief Activity Description: *
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Space Requirements:
Approximately 4,000 students will attend the Expo over the two student days; we recommend being prepared to interact with approximately 2,000 students directly through your activity. Please consider these numbers when gathering, purchasing, or requesting supplies.

If you can provide multiple "stations" with the same activity to optimize the number of students that can participate in your activity that is fantastic! Please request the space, tables, chairs, etc. you'll need for the number of stations you can provide and make note of the number of stations you'll be providing with the same activity in the "Additional Details" section below.
A Standard Space is a 10 ft x 10 ft area with one 8 ft folding table & two folding chairs (no electrical access). *
Please indicate if a standard space will meet your activity requirements.
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