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RMU radio is looking for hosts to broadcast programs on air which may include talk shows, discussing politics, RMU sports, current events, music shows showcasing songs of all genres, shows about various cultures and events around campus and the surrounding community. Please follow the below format when turning up your proposal.
For any other questions, feel free to contact:

Brittany Mayer, Operations Manager:
Malyk Johnson, Program Director:

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If your show is selected we will notify you that your show was selected. It is then up to you to schedule a time to when you can come to the radio station to be trained on the equipment and procedures
Please describe the concept of your show in 150-200 words. Below are a few suggestions to help you describe it
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What is your show about?

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What kind of music might you play

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What is the topic you will be interviewing?
Who will be responsible for scheduling these interviews?

How will your show be organized?

All radio programs irrespective of time length should be organized into multiple segments for example a one hour show could be split into four fifteen minute segments or two thirty minute segments and you can use one segment to play music and the other to share your views on a topic

How many segments will your show be structured into?

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If we do not have a copy of your class and/or work schedule we cannot schedule your show. We will not allow you to switch spots with someone because that time slot suits you better.
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