CS106A Midterm Conflict Form
Please fill out this form by July 8th at the latest if you have an academic or other immovable conflict with the midterm exam (e.g. attending a conference, have a class at that time, medical school interviews, etc.). The exam will take place on July 22 from 7-9pm. Alternate sittings of the exam will be administered in the range of time spanning from the scheduled exam start time until 24 hours after the scheduled exam end time.
Note that while we will work to accommodate immovable academic or extenuating conflicts, reasons like leisure/personal travel are not legitimate justifications for rescheduling the exam.
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Please list ALL time ranges between 7pm Monday, July 22 to 9pm Tuesday, July 23rd at which you are available to take the exam on campus. Only include blocks of time that are 2 hours or longer. *
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