Where will you go?
FHCtoday is gathering information from all the seniors at FHC about their future plans after graduating. This way, once we’ve all moved on, we can see where our friends and the rest of class 2013 is headed. If you have any questions are wish to change your answers after you're done, please stop by room 139 or see Kelci Davis, Sean Gundersen or Maddie Wilson.
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Hi there! What is your full name? *
Who is your second hour teacher? *
What are your plans after high school? *
Are you intending to do any of these?
What college are you going to? *
Please put the full name of the school, and the state it is in
What do you plan to major in? *
If you're not sure, put undeclared. If you're also planning on going to graduate school, put your future major/specialization as well (i.e. pre-med, later pursuing pediatrics)
Get any major scholarships, awards or accomplishments? *
Major scholarships, full rides, getting accepted into a speciality program (nursing, journalism school, etc.)
Are any of your friends at FHC planning to go to this school as well? *
Are you dorming with anyone from FHC? If so, who? *
Is there anything else we should know?
If you mentioned you were going to graduate school, where? If you want to study abroad, what country? Anything you think we, and your friends, would be curious to know.
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