CISabroad Peer Advisor Matching Grant
Affiliate partners are able to apply for a grant that covers up to half the cost of hiring a Peer Advisor in their education abroad office for a semester or an academic year. The Peer Advisor will work in a pre-professional capacity with office staff to promote education abroad on campus and to support prospective and current applicants.

By submitting an application, you agree to the following grant requirements:

-Must be an affiliate partner of CISabroad
-Use Grant to hire a student who has successfully completed a CISabroad study or internship program
-Must be able to train and supervise peer advisor (CISabroad will provide initial training and bi-weekly check-ins throughout the semester)
-Must complete a questionnaire at the end of the semester evaluating intern position and the grant program.
-Peer advisor must complete minimum of two CISabroad specific info sessions or events/semester
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How will having a CISabroad-sponsored Peer Advisor in your office benefit education abroad staff at your institution? *
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How many hours will the Peer Advisor work in your office? Please provide the number of hours per week and per semester *
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Grants generally range from $250 - $1,000 in matching funds per semester.
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